Arooj Sheikh

Writer & Editor

Arooj is a smart academic writer, known for her clever thinking and strong expression. Her portfolio proves she's good at writing about lots of different things in different ways.

What makes Arooj special is how she researches and thinks deeply about things. She's adjusted her writing to fit the rules of different smart groups. Arooj takes hard topics and makes them easy to understand, turning facts into awesome stories. Everyone learns and feels excited after reading her work.


Academic Writing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing


  • Bachelor in Managerial Economics from UC Davis Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Research, Berkeley University

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2023-09-19 2024-01-19

Differences between Paragraph and Essay

Paragraphs build up to create an essay, and an essay is composed of multiple paragraphs. They work together in a cooperative way to present a thorough discussion on a topic. The paragraph provides a focused look at one aspect, while the essay combines several paragraphs to give a broader view of a subject.