Sarah Moss

Writer & Editor

Sarah Moss is a writer who loves telling stories about old times and interesting books. For more than 8 years, she's been sharing her simple and exciting ideas with readers. Sarah likes to learn a lot about what she writes. She talks about a bunch of things, especially stories from the past and cool books. Sarah is good at making her writing easy for everyone to understand because she's really into making things clear. Whether it's about history or literature, she knows how to write for all kinds of people.


Academics, Ghost Writing, Literature Reviewing


  • Bachelor in English Literature, University of Michigan

Written Articles

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2023-09-18 2024-01-17

How to Write the Perfect Paragraph on Any Topic?

Paragraph writing is an important skill for students of all ages. It is not only essential for exams, but also for communicating ideas clearly and concisely in our daily lives. While paragraph writing may seem simple, it requires care and effort to be succinct, exact, and to the point.

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2023-09-22 2024-01-11

10 Differences between Paragraph and Bullets

Paragraphs are used for long form writing and bullets for condensed writing. The choice between paragraphs or bullets depends on the writer's purpose, audience, and context.

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2024-01-03 2024-01-11

How to Write Expository Paragraph

Increase your writing with our helpful tips for writing expository paragraphs. Learn how to easily share your ideas and make a lasting impact on your readers.