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Helen Dunmore

Writer & Editor

Helen is a well-known writer who's like a detective, finding cool facts and turning them into awesome stories. Helen is really careful when she writes, making sure everything is easy to understand. She's a fantastic writer who mixes information to create stories everyone loves.

What's cool about Helen is how she writes—interesting and right on the mark. She's good at making even tough stuff simple and showing how everything fits together perfectly. Helen loves to do research, making things exciting while still following all the rules. Her writing is creative and neat.


Journalism, Freelance Writing, Academics


  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Writing, Purdue University

Written Articles

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2023-09-21 2024-01-19

15 Benefits of a Paragraph Generator for Students

Paragraph Generator is a tool that makes writing easier for students. It helps them put their thoughts into words without getting stuck on how to start or structure a paragraph. This also gives a lot of confidence and develops creativity in their writing.

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2023-12-27 2024-01-11

How to Write a Narrative Paragraph

Explore our easy guide on how to write narrative paragraphs with simple steps and friendly tips. Start sharing your tales.

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2024-01-08 2024-01-11

How to Write Motivational Paragraph

Learn how to increase spirits with our guide to writing motivational paragraphs. We'll show you simple steps to make your messages encouraging and powerful.

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2024-01-10 2024-01-11

How to Write Love Paragraph

Discover the secrets to creating touching love paragraphs. Boost your expressions of love with simple yet powerful writing tips.